Size of Virpil T50CM2 base mount?

Hi all, ordered a T50CM2 base today, from what I can tell the ‘U-bracket’ that is supplied is 30mm in height, measured from the inside correct?

I need a 40mm mount for my 8040 extrusions in my simpit, are any other options than the Monstertech mount?
They seem to have cheaper shipping alternatives now than before atleast, but it still ends up to €60 with shipping.


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I believe it’s 28mm inside dimension.

Here’s what I did.

I think I still have some material and could make something to suit your rig…


I’d be very happy if you would help me out! I’ll happily pay anything less that €60 if thats possible :grin:


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Scrap aluminium doesn’t cost much. Just ask @schurem. :wink:
Show me where you want to mount the base…


You guys inspired me. Troll for President!
I ordered me a base too, YAY!!!


I’m super exited for it, ordered the S-curved extension too :grin:

Had a blast this weekend with helos and F18 + super carrier so I could resist it!

Thanks mate, will PM pictures of it :beers:

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If you look in our cockpit builds thread or the one about that curved extension (I’ll linkify these when I get to a proper keyboard) you can see the beautiful mounting @Troll fabricated for me.

You will not regret your purchase. It needs some work to mount and adjust but once set, it is sheer perfection. Only strong magnetic force feedback could improve on it.


Now we’re talkin’! :wink:
I hope someone starts looking into FF for flightsticks again.


I’ve been drooling over that thread many times, that’s what I love about this community, everyone is friendly and helpful, there is serious knowlege on just about everything here. I hope to make some contributions myself some day :beers: