Sky Knights

Hey guys, just wanted to share this little casual game I stumbled on. I thought this was the best place to bring it up. It’s a very charming dogfighting multiplayer game that I see myself often coming back to. Perfect for short sessions and a treat to flight lovers. It’s on steam on early access and it’s from a single developer. I actually don’t know how I found it, but if you can find me there and join up!



That looks really cool! The developer is Swedish, and he’s active on the SAAB 37 Viggen facebook group. I think I saw a post from him that the Viggen is available in game now…

It is! And it’s one of the coolest in-game birds.

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I had seen that a while ago, but had never pulled the trigger on it. How’s the gameplay?

Was a beta tester and loved it. If you have any specific question ask away!

I loved how casual and easy to pick up it was.
I liked much less how hard it was to put down… :smile:

The heart of the game is PvP and the more players there are the better it gets… You see a lot of people trying different things/tactics and you rarely get bored.

That said, that’s at the same time the weak link.
If you end up playing always against the same people or if you’re stuck with some players who refuse to play ‘well’ you might get bored or worse.

Worth a buy if around a tenner or something.


I picked this up during Steam Summer Sale. Looks like a lot of fun.

Controls are quite intuitive as well.

I didn’t try Multiplayer yet.

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