Skyrim - VR

Not exactly my cup of tea, but I think this is fairly heavily anticipated, and it sounds like it will have official Oculus support…(unlike Fallout 4, which I would love to try, but won’t until it doesn’t require hacks to get it to work with the Rift)…

I don’t know. I mean- I love VR, I tried it and left a big impression. In short I want it-
But, guys- they are selling Skyrim again for the THIRD time. :confused:

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Well, seeing as how TES 6 isn’t even in development, this is just Skyrim: The Search for More Money.


True, but there are people like me who have never played a lot of the popular first tier games ever. I think I have about 3 hours in GTA-V, I don’t own Far Cry 4, or Fallout 4, or Mafia 3…so for me at least, if they come to VR, that will be my first experience with them. My laundry list of games to play grows larger each day. Maybe in retirement some day.

Skyrim, frist time experience in VR. Yeah that would probably be worth the money. For sure.



That is certainly a segment of market they’re out to cover… that said- those who had both the first release and the Enhanced one could have been given the VR for free.

DISCLAIMER: It’s not for me. I only bought the original version.

@Tankerwade, I’d forgotten all about the magical chants. How cool that will be in VR! But, no, after the xbox one re-release, which I didn’t buy into, I’ll pass.

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Given that they didn’t do that for Fallout 4 VR, and the fact it wasn’t even the edition with all the DLC I’m gonna go ahead and say I wouldn’t count on it.

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No, of course, I’m not waiting for it to happen. I just thought it would have been nice…

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I have this and never installed it, is the VR version a separate standalone rip?

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A whole new SKU.

Fortunately, Skyrim was pretty good :slight_smile: .


Ah Skyrim…I suspect my wife was starting to get jealous of Lydia…

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Why couldn’t they have put Morrowind out on 50 million platforms for years and years after release.

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Necro topic, but this looks good and wanted to note it somewhere. Skyrim modded to have HL:Alyx like controls, which for a $70 port it probably should have had in the first place. Looks good.

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