Skyrim: Wabbajack to the rescue!


How many times have you played it, either off-and-on, or obsessively, over the years?

How many of us have looked at the glorious videos from the master modders, showing what the game could look like with hundreds of mods, and wondered what that would be like, but knew you wouldn’t have the patience (or knowledge) of how to install all of that, and that even if you did, it would probably CTD constantly?

What if you could install a perfectly working game with hundreds of mods with essentially the press of a few buttons?


Note!!! Some mods require a specific version of Skyrim, from before the latest Skyrim updates from Bethesda! To revert your Skyrim back to the original version, use this download!

Also! This file (xLODGen.84) is no longer available on MEGA and is very hard to find! If you have a Wabbajack error about this file being missing you can download it from here: If it is missing, just put this in the download folder and run the installer again and installation will continue.

About Wabbajack

ELYSIUM: What I downloaded. 1200+ Mods. Took HOURS! (Buy a Nexus premium subscription, at least for a month, so you can download it all automatically without having to confirm each individual download!)


I keep going back to Skyrim … and then adding mods and mods and mods until I get overwhelmed with them. This looks interesting :slight_smile:


Thanks for posting this. I was looking for an excuse to revisit Skyrim and this has tipped the balance.

You’re not wrong in that it takes a long time to download. I also had to jump through some hoops and had to re-download a few files via Wabbajack multiple times.

But wow. What a totally different game. Visually it’s very different, but more than that it’s things like the interactions with the NPC’s.

Difficulty wise, I’ve died more times in the last 12 hours that I did in years of playing Skyrim. :rofl:


Agree, very well put!
Last time I played I ended up breaking my game with too many mods…
Only now restarting feels ok again, and I was googling for STEP, which was the last big all-in-one mod to take care of all things.

Sadly couldn’t find it anymore and it looks like this Jabberwocky is exactly what I needed.

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At the time I first created this thread. The latest Skyrim Anniversary Edition had just been released by Bethesda, and as a result, some popular Wabbajack mods, especially for SE were down and being retooled.

Much of that is now complete, and Wabbajack users will now (hopefully happily) find that the list of available mods returned to circulation is now offering a few more choices.

Start up Wabbajack and take a look!


Nice run-through for installation of a vr mod

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Is Skyrim any good in VR? Seems like combat would be … chaotic? Which is good I guess? How the heck to you retreat? :slight_smile:

It actually is, with the caveat that while swinging a sword, there is (obviously) nothing like a positive force feedback when weapons clash.

To me, that just means that if that’s a concern, play as a mage or some other primarily magic wielder, and at that point 2d and 3d become pretty indistinguishable except for gawping at the vr aspect.

3D Dragons!!

Also, using your actual hands to throw firebolts and etc. is a much more immersive experience and automatically ups your aiming accuracy and manual dexterity to a huge degree.

This is obviously moved up yet another notch if you have modern mods that make the game more interactive and pretty, generally.

Something to try!

I mean, obviously there is a pretty big visceral difference between moving the a or d buttons to dodge an incoming arrow, and actually physically leaping to the side to avoid it… :smiley:

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Closer look at some of the individual Wabbajack Skyrim Mods:


Brand new list!

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