Slideshow maker software?

All I want is a simple but useful piece of software that lets me put a 100 or 200 pictures into a slideshow, with slideshow effects, and able to fit that slideshow to a song… I’ve tried 2 or 3 free programs and bought 2 or 3 programs none work as I need. IE: Vegas Movie Studio 13 and Magix Slideshow 2017… any recommendations? Simple but not to simple, Just make a damn misuc video slideshow…that’s all I want… and donuts, chocolate donuts… that’s all! :wink:

What did you need that Vegas Movie Studio 13 didn’t have, only one I own. Just seeing if I could be helpful with what you already have gotten.

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well I would of thought it would of had my features, search help topics… let me put in the pictures, let me put in the song, would auto fit to the song, had to remove pictures which I didn’t want to do.

I’m not familiar with the Magix Slideshow one, but if it let’s you set the overall time and save it in a video format, can always make it match the length of the song you want, then just add in the song in with Vegas MS. Probably easier that way than just adjusting the length each photo shows up in VMS. I’m under the impression that Slideshow doesn’t let you add music.

I don’t know of any software that auto fits the song. I have Movie Studio as well, and I put the images in (you can adjust the default duration to show still images) and then pop the song in the audio track. I’ll then manually move images, change durations to fit.

Google Photos has a mode where it “fits” images to a soundtrack, but there’s no connection between the audio and images other than the total length.

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Is this the type of thing you are looking for? (Excuse the pics and music. Just wanted a short song)

If it is in VMS just go to Insert, Slideshow, add the pictures. Then under settings, change the total time to match the song length and it will divide them up equally. Can also change the effects. Just did Random for the test.


yep, thx.

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