Slow motion crash

Hope the driver in the gondola is OK…

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Looks to me like that thing (well…all airships I guess) would have problems similar to the “Huey tuck” in that once that large surface gets pointed downward…it would seem that any prevailing wind would want to drive it even further down… But I’m (obviously) not an engineer. So I’m sure they have that part figured out.

“Oh the humanit… - oh, helium, never mind”

If this thing gets us closer to a Crimson Skies remake then I’m all for it. :wink:


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Everyone was fine. That thing is just mega expensive to fix.

That’s unfortunate for their project. I wonder what caused this to happen though.

Mooring line hit a power cable

They claim that had nothing to do with it though.

Strange, have they released a probable cause already?

I haven’t seen anything yet. Havent looked in a few hours though.