So... Happy April Fools, I guess?

This is making it very tough to read…

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I wonder how much @fearlessfrog saved in server rental fees by switching to an Australian provider

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Like the best April’s Fools, it’ll be short and sweet…

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So I love this forum’s model just cause I can watch all of this insanity update in real time.

FWIW, I recommend keep the spinning doilies and bring back the comic sans for maximum effect.

Editing it with these going is kinda interesting too. :slight_smile:


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Reduced the torture just enough for people on non GMT to get to magic day and still see it.

OK, I get it. You were playing Star Fox and took Peppy’s advice literally?


Did some edits. Much better :grin:

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See, now I have to get youtube embed’s to spin while they play too now…

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As these things are funny for about 10 seconds :slight_smile: temporary relief can be found in the unaltered mobile device view by copy/pasting the following link into a new tab:

Mudspike Forums - Mudspike Forums

You can go back to ‘Desktop/broken’ after that in the top right three-line menu (at the bottom ‘Desktop View’).

I’ll just leave it long enough for a few more to see I guess.

the rotating images and youtube video’s don’t bother me at all, nooooo…


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I thought there was something wrong with me. Well … something new, I guess.

The font, though. My eyes!

The torture is now over. Happy April Fools Day everyone - the one day the Internet is unusable…

Razbam is also looking for some more testers for the Strike-Eagle and Nighthawk. Slots for harrier testers are full atm.

Oh, that was well played indeed.

I had visions of all these people grabbing their 32" monitors and upending them.

Or Yoga…

LOL…comic sans. I saw someone that had written their funeral memorium or whatever using comic sans and it was widely heralded as the worst use of comic sans ever…

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Challenge accepted.