So, how about another trek?

I really enjoyed the McRobertson ‘race’ we did last year from Mildenhall, UK to Melbourne, Australia, and the Christmas treks are a fun tradition around here. So, how about another, ahead of the 2020 Xmas trek?

One of my favorite websites, as a pilot, is James Albright, who runs the website is a very experienced and knowledgeable pilot and his articles are very well written, not to mention highly informative. Recently he wrote about an air race from Brooklands, UK to Cape Town.

Of course, there are other long distance races from that period that would also be interesting to recreate, so suggestions would be most welcome.

Any interest?


Something like this? What time period were you thinking?

Pretty much exactly like that. :smiley:

As for the time period, I think we should leave it completely up to the individual. Personally I like flying the old birds on these trips, but that can get very time consuming…

It would be fun to have a biplane class though… :thinking:

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Where we are going…we won’t need wings…



I’m all up for a Kerbal challenge! :grinning:


So I had pondered this:

35 hours of flight time, all pilotage no nav aides. Mandatory stops in each city on the route. I am totally game for whatever we come up with.


I like it! It seems like a suitable challenge but something we could all probably knock out within a reasonable time frame.

I’m not seeing too many 1924 options for aircraft on the Org, but the following would be within the spirit of things IMHO…



So, yes, I would be up for doing this!


I’ve done a similar thing with a Baron in FSX a few years ago. Flew my plane along the Route 66, from Chicago to LA, using the Rolling Stones song as a guide.

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For how about that one (short though)?

:smiley: :smiley:


Dick Place…is that where they invented “Spotted Dick”?

Probably depends on the quality of the ladies in Slutshole Lane…

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Dangit, you’re gonna make me buy that Staggerwing, aren’t you?

I accept no responsibility, but while you think it over…


Maybe some VFR England race could be fun with all the True Earth products available.

Ouch! :grimacing:

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The main issue with a UK air race is that the UK isn’t exactly large. Beautiful, stunning scenery ? Yes, but for a long distance trek? Straight line, from Wick airport up near North East tip of Scotland, down to Lands End in Cornwall, it is only 510mn. Just over 5 hours of flight time at a sedate 100 knots.

For this challenge, as it’s no nav aides pilotage, dead reckoning, and celestial only, fly whatever you like. If you think you can navigate to some of the smaller airports at FL36 at .8 mach, or downlow at 500’ AGL at 450 knots, knock yourself out!

I personally was going to try something old school, but I certainly don’t want to restrict anyone. Honestly this might be ideal for helos!


Helicopters or gliders come to mind.
…in fact that would be something cool to try when we get soaring in the new MSFS…

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No, not sensible! No time!

…yeeah alright I’m in. :sweat_smile:

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I’m in. Just tell me were to start and where to land.