So it came the day

… that I simply can’t keep up with the forum anymore.
Some time ago I got this odd pleasure in knowing I read all the forum.
I could.
I did.

All the topics were read and all the post liked.
Now… maybe age or maybe the explosion of really good content, I simply admit I can’t keep up with it anymore.

My job is done here.
Goodb… Naaah, just kidding I’ll never leave this. :slight_smile:
Too many nice people, too much fun.

I actually wanted to use this thread to tell everyone how nice it is to have my virtual home here, to know you all, and how pleasant to know I can share bits and pieces of my life in here.

Think you guys!
And many years of luck and fun to Mudspikers of past, present and future.



I felt similarly when I realized I couldn’t have “my finger on the pulse” of every thread and topic here. I blame it on all the good content we have out there and all the great perspectives and contributions this community has to offer. I guess that’s what also makes it hard - knowing we’re missing good tidbits of information here and there. I’m so happy that so many like minded people enjoy talking about our sims and games and help each other out.


Sometimes you can only read a couple of threads at a time and when you come back it outfaces you to see you have 400+ posts to read in 1 thread. That’s how I have 3000 plus dcs screenshot thread :sob:

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This thread is about f-111 right…?


It is now.


Amen! (And coming from me that means a lot as I am not religious at all. :smile: )
I am in the same situation. I used to read all the threads on Mudspike but now it has become a lot harder so I have to skip some of them.


I knew it had grown beyond me when I couldn’t come up with a snarky response for each thread…sigh


Here’s the list of shame, in terms of no life / post reading stats:


What stat is it ordering to?

@aginor you make it look sound like its a sad thing @komemiute can’t read everything we put out. It’s not. It’s a sign of the vibrancy of the Mudspike community. I think. Or he’s just getting old. Which aint neccesarily sad either.


Posts read, but just click a heading and it will re-order it. If you sort by ‘Likes Given’ you’ll find the nicest person on the forums.


Yeah I mainly meant it ironic.
I do admit though: a small community often feels more… cozy. :slight_smile:

still feels cozy to me, or are you referring to the time before I joined? :stuck_out_tongue:


:smile: :smile:

WooHoo! For the year March 218 - March 2019, I was second only to @BeachAV8R in number of likes!


Neat stat page. :slight_smile: