So it can be done..make it happen DCS World

I’m tired of getting stuck in my A-10C and Su-25T when I’m grabbing a spoonful of ice cream and allow myself to fall off the taxiway…I like the moxie of this pilot…


David Attenborough’s voice: “And here we see the venerable Antonov 124 hunting and preying on wild marshallers. Unfortunately the Antonov made a misstake, it got stuck in the mud. This has alarmed the human that has gone for a mad dash, saving himself from becoming the 124’ next meal.”


Saw that earlier and, in the youtube description/comments they mentioned that it was from an incident at the Gander, Newfoundland, Canada airport. I don’t think that is correct. After visiting the Transportation Safety Board of Canada page related to the Gander event, the picture in the report associated with the event doesn’t match.

I guess that is all a long way of saying that this seems to happen to the AN-124 a lot:

EDIT: Sorry. That is wrong. The report on the Transportation Safety Board page is from a Windsor Ontario event. And the video I linked is from the Gander event.

EDIT2: Here is the report from the Gander event: Aviation Investigation Report A07A0029 - Transportation Safety Board of Canada. The two videos could match up.

Ah Gander, I have to say I am not sorry that I don’t have to stop there for fuel anymore.