So new I don't know where to start

I just loaded X plane 11 and I have my Baron up and flying. I am an IFR pilot and want to get my virtual cockpit as real as possible. I got Avitab and can see my Baron on the moving map (fantastic) but can’t figure how to see my Baron on an approach. Is that possible. I know in real world IFR you can see your airplane on the approach plate shooting an IFR approach ?? (foreflight)
There seems to be a ton of ad ons (like improved ATC) and I’m excited but I’m better in the cockpit than I am with all the computer stuff. Hopefully I can lean on some of you smart folks.


Welcome, I can’t help with your problems as I don’t have enough experience of xp11, plenty people here who do though. Good luck :grinning:

Welcome to Mudspike @Tuckster!

If you have ForeFlight then you can use that with X-Plane…

Once set up, it functions just as it does in the real airplane.

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Welcome aboard. X-Plane 11 and a Baron are a nice combo for some IFR proficiency. It is nice to practice stuff without fear of harm to self, airplane, or your wallet…

Hey! Fresh meat! :wink: Welcome, @Tuckster! :mudspike:
I’ve just gotten back into XP11 after having problems with getting it to run, and when it did run it did so with lousy performance. All the problems I had seems to be fixed now though, and with the latest update the performance is very, very, good.

So, @BeachAV8R… Are you saying you…recommend the XP11 Baron…? :thinking:

@Tuckster, this is an inside joke. @BeachAV8R is afraid that someone will knock on his door, demanding money back for something he recommended. So even if he love a sim, add-on or whatever, he don’t recommend people buying it :wink:

What? He does that all the time in the reviews that he writes in PC Pilot? He may not say “Go buy this” but he gives them a rating out of 100…same-same. :slightly_smiling_face:

Greetings @Tuckster…am am the sites resident snark administrator and staff curmudgeon. :grimacing:

… And source of infinite sea stories, some of them even sounding true!

Anyway, welcome @Tuckster. You found the place :smiley:

Welcome Tuckster.

Maybe you were looking for something like this!?

Excellent … Only $8.50 for a monthly subscription ?? That’s less than foreflight. Would you suggest running this as a virtual tablet or load it and link to my ipad to X plane ?? Also, I’m mainly going to practice IFR so I figured VR wasn’t a big deal but it looks cool … and easier to navigate the cockpit.

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If you don’t already have a ForeFlight subscription then Navigraph is an excellent choice, and for sim flying, more flexible with things like 3rd party aircraft integration. If you have a ForeFlight subscription for real world flying though, it kind of makes sense to utilize that both for cost and the fact that it will help you stay familiar with the app that you use for real.

I’m fortunate enough to have a ForeFlight subscription supplied to me through work… so that is what I use. Not easy to use in VR though.

Had no idea you could do that, good stuff!