So, this just happened

We think it was a Great Basin Rattlesnake, probably 2 years old. Maybe 18" long.

It was sacrificed to keep the dogs alive and aware that even the scent of one would bring about a massive shock to the neck.

Stay safe out there.


Oh shite! That’s a big no. :slight_smile: I’m not sure if I should like your post but I will.

How did you “off” it @whareagle, if you don’t mind me asking? Shovel?

I like that u used the word sacrificed. Your family and pets got to come first.

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What did you use to sacrifice it?

A shame to have to sacrifice it. But you are absolutely correct to look after your family. Dogs and snakes can’t be a good mix. Well done mate

We used a shovel. It was about 2 years old, we figure, and was maybe 18" long. We took the head off, put it in a can, crunched the can and then put that in the recycling bin so it’ll get melted down. Then I took the body out to the corner of the driveway where we’ve seen a bobcat strutting a time or two. It was gone this morning, when I took the dogs out.

Enough drama for now. I’m going to ride up in Portola, CA and then come home and fly the heck out of the sim.

Everyone take care.


I avoid killing animals if I can, but I probably would have done the same there. Safety first.