So what do we think of this?

it really not convinced me. We already have msfs that soon or later for sure will have gliders. Also for dedicated gliders sims we have the really good Condor Soaring 2 and Silent Wings both with much bigger and more interesting sceneries. Not a flatty one like this sim.
IMHO this sim arrives later about the sim visuals and also i doubt that it kickass over Condor v2 in terms of glider sim features. Finally for a glider sim the location chosen is very bad because very flat.
Also the size is a bit puzzled, in store it says one size in forum another. Even the bigger one, is far away from the size of the best sceneries for Condor and Silent Wings.

Here it have 25.000km^2

Here it have 50x50km = 2500km^2

Even for small super detailed areas, aerofly fs2 have a glider and the areas are much bigger and more interesting to fly with a glider.

Condor 2 is truly the standard by which all other glider sims will be measured. The only thing that is preventing me flying it right now is that I upgraded to the Reverb G2 and Condor 2 required a lot of hoop jumping to get it to work, and even then it isn’t optimal (actually I can’t get it to work). As soon as they adopt OpenXR I’ll be right back at it.

This one, well I’ll reserve judgement until the reviews are out I guess.


Assuming that if it’s fast and smooth enough, flying in this in vr might be a pleasant experience. If however, there is no vr, then I won’t be buying it

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vr is planned but not on initial release. Also i’m really curious about what engine this simulator was made

I’ve learned not to particularly believe any gaming company when they say vr is coming later. All too often it never happens, and it turns out they were just saying it to get you go ahead and buy right away based on their promise.

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What i really can’t get it is the true target for this sim. The only advantage is the price and to catch people that don’t know well the others or always think if is cheaper better…
In generic civil flight sims (aerofly fs2, msfs, fsx, p3d, xp11, …) each one have their unique features or somekind of advantage over the others that worth to have. This one sadly i not see nothing here that moves me buying it.

“Great news, everyone!” And it is. This shows that the market for sims is strong enough to give new products hope. The look shows me that the tools are there for smaller companies to compete with MSFS. I want X-Plane12 (if such a thing is even in the works) to be the killer app. But it will be hopeless unless they have the server power and AI chops to approach MS’ near-worldwide plausible scenery. As for soaring, it’s not visuals that will knock Condor off its high pedestal. Users of Condor care much less about that than an accurate representation of soaring flight. And Condor mimics the crazy movement of air around out planet better than anyone.


Well, for those what is sincerely interested… Its out!!

Problem is, they’ve probably cut their initial sales by half or more with no apparent intention of VR or even trackIR.

Its “funny” to see that in steam the only positive reviews were the ones that received for free to review it…
I still think that this sim is useless when we already have others much better. Ok, more costy, but as sims is not nothing of primary needs like food or water, if in few money status, is better to wait for a sale and get something substantially superior.

This sim is only to catch the noob or the uninformed what really exist in the market.

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I mean, no TrackIR?
How about not implementing the mouse at this point?


they tried almost with non-clicable cockpits :smiley:

To add more, aerofly fs2 and xp11 on sales (that many times goes) are with very similar price, and are MUCH better simulator, with excellent visuals, possibilities, scenery size, aircraft, and supporting perfectly VR and TIR.

Also Aerosoft do very very very rare sales and when they do rarelly goes better than only 30%. also in the last sims they like to milking them, like release something with the intension like stay with us, we are commited to the project and it have much potential, later all the things that was supposed to be released from the start and on the core are released as DLCs at +10€ each

Another “nice” thing that i see in the steam forum about this sim. is that they are trying to win the Locked Threads Century Awards! :smiley:

This is actually not unusual. On the regular Aerosoft forum, threads are commonly locked after an answer is given.

Also note in some answers, Mr Kok mentions they would prefer to do costumer service at the Aerosoft forum rather than elsewhere.

Anyway, not the must friendly way of approach. Even if they want to delete and ban in the forum they can in steam. What i think is that they are previewing some firestorm from steam users :smiley:
Because in other products from them on steam, are not a Locked Threads forest…

For curiosity, i’m following the steam forum and reviews of it on steam. The classic nowadays behavior from the Aerosoft is giving their fruits, the people are getting mad.
I also like to see that for one way they throw that because are in the market and huge footprint they all knows better, so because from their stats only 0.5% of simmers use trackir, so no give a cent to implement. But i really would like to see were in the hell exist a so great statistic were the well known (from them) community are begging for a strongly capped glider sim were we in the market already have much better in all directions???

They are big yes, but only because strong history of good sceneries/airports for flight sims and nowadays as a store of 3rd party products. But because they are huge company in the market, their posture sometimes is disgusting. Like ignoring some posts, and thinking that they are the owners of the true because their size. If they are so good in market analysis and business choices, why they release this flop, and also the On Road when you have ETS2 and ATS that is MUCH better in all with a fraction of the price? Also i not believe that their arcade A320 game (Holiday flight simulator) was a master success because their great business choices and knows better what people wants…