So, Who's Got COVID?

This guy.

In all seriousness, my wife and tested positive, but we’re fine. Mild to asymptomatic. Feels like seasonal allergies, if I’m being perfectly forthright about it.

Y’all stay well. I know not everyone is this fortunate.


Here’s to your health and speedy recovery!

Be well sir.

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Glad to hear it is mild. Keep an eye out though…sometimes it feels that way initially, then there is a period of recovery, then it can really go bad quickly…so don’t be shy about going to the hospital if you start to feel like it is trending in a bad direction.

Best of luck and hope you get to feeling 100% really quickly…

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Get well soon!

Hope you have a swift recovery. Stay safe out there.

May your symptoms remain mild…

How do you think you got it? Your kids? If your kids don’t have it, it must be tough to social distance from them! So many questions. :slight_smile:

With everyone here I hope your symptoms remain mild and that you recover fully in short order. :sunglasses:


See…yet another use for the underground bunker(s)…!

I’m in the ministry. Chances are, in the thousands of errands and stuff that I do, I came into contact with it. I got it first, Mrs. PFunk was about 24 hours behind me.

Guys, thanks. I’m serious, though. Ours is mild to asymptomatic. We’re lucky. Feels a lot like allergies, only difference is the loss of smell and taste is a lot more pronounced. We both get a little of that with our seasonal allergies (we’re surrounded by about a billion cedars here in Central TX), just because of the nasal congestion. This is much more of a sensory loss, which our general practitioner told us was totally normal and we’ll get it back in a couple of weeks.

Anyhow, we’re both fine. Watching the kids like hawks. Again, God was kind, we have a much milder case than some.


Get well soon. I was in hospital w COVID in June. I’ve had worse colds in my life. It wasn’t that bad. Wishing you and your fam the best.

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The running gag here is that a respiratory viral pandemic during cedar season is pretty dicey in Texas; you get a sniffle and you don’t know if you should just pop a Claritin or you only have two weeks to live.

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Hope your recovery is swift and easy!

Where I live jumped into the top 10 in new cases per capita for a couple of weeks in August when the students came back. I work in the most densely populated area of students in town and was pretty worried about catching it. Luckily things died down after that initial burst, but cases are starting to rise again here. The students will be gone again after Thanksgiving so hopefully we will go back to the minimal amount of cases until they return in January.

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Considering my job and travelling up and down the east coast.

I prolly had it and got rid of it at least 3 times.

I’ve only lived in Texas for 8 years, but I’ve never experienced a place where the allergy season starts on January 1st and ends on December 31st. :crazy_face:.


me calling my recruiter: “Oh hey Darryl, sorry for the bother - listen, some news arose and I’m quitting from the job interview in Texas. Ya, Kthnxbai”

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@PFunk Wishing you good health and stay safe.

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try living in the desert with a dust allergy :rofl:


Oh, good heavens. The cedar pollen is bad enough.

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