So you think you're good at balancing on one foot?

Try The Old Man Test!

It’s nowhere near my, “So you think you’re fast at typing?” challenge but I think it might be way more addictive!

I’d love to see a vid of @BeachAV8R doing this since his Ironman thing and all! :slight_smile:


This is scary…I’l try it later :slight_smile:

There’s another ‘test’ I heard about (no link yet or such) where:

You sit on the floor, legs bent & crossed, like so: (nah, that’s not me, and skip the laptop):

WARNING - I’m not a doctor, try at your own risk!


Then just stand up - without using your hands/arms on the floor. Was a piece-o-cake til I turned 60. After that the knees started to protest. Can still do it but it takes concentration.

Allegedly (I still can’t find the link - it was over a decade ago) it’s a ‘predictor’ of your longevity. I am doubful.

My knees would kill me. I had problems with even sitting like that since at least my early 20s.

As for the “Old Man Test”:
The picking up part is my problem. But I don’t see how that has to do with being old or not, I know plenty of young people with a bad sense of balance.


Agreed. All this these can I guess be seen as gross generalizations. Or Fitness Click-bait.

Don’t get caught up in the semantics. Just call it “The Balance Test” then. :slight_smile:

I’m reading a lot about people with bad knees on this forum. You guys should check out KneesOverToesGuy …

Found out about him on the JRE …

I like it Elby
For me balance is not what limits me at my older age, it’s my muscle and tendons tightening up and weakening. I have a strained medial something or other and I’m working on strengthening my leg muscles to take the strain off.
I do an exercise similar to the old man test as part of my conditioning.
We older time hockey players joke about the increasing struggle of putting on and lacing up our skates, each year more difficult than the last lol