Software Defined Radio (SDR)

Hey, anybody here know anything about how (what gear) to go about scanning the freq’s to see if I can hear these dudes when they’re mixin it up? They do it not too far offshore (there’s a Warning area there).

FWIW, I’m diving into SDR (software defined radio?) - stretching my geek legs a bit more.

Can’t beat the entry price; if it doesn’t work then I’m only out about 40 bucks US.

See this YT

Carry on.


Oh HELLZ ya! I’ve been a radio nut since I was a kid! My neighbor/friend’s dad was an electronics engineer and built all sorts of stuff for him including a morse code decoder back in the day … what, forty years ago! :slight_smile: This tech looks way more inexpensive. :wink:


I wish you guys would stop forcing me to spend money on stuff that I don’t need but really, really want :stuck_out_tongue:


$40 @Harry_Bumcrack!

EDIT: I just picked up the whole kit on Amazon :slight_smile:



That’s like a weeks wages in Aussie dollars :stuck_out_tongue:


I have my amateur radio license from waaay back in the day. I also have a lot of my father’s Ham radio equipment in the basement and have been meaning to take a look at setting it up - but there’s a lot to that and I am very out of date. Been looking at SDR for a few years but too many other hobbies are vying of my time at the moment :slight_smile:


Nice! I started going down the rabbit hole today …

So many acronyms LOL!


Any vacuum tubes? I love those things, mostly because they go in guitar amplifiers, and I remember as a kid staring into my dad’s Telefunken console, watching the tubes glow. They are seriously cool (very hot actually).

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That’s how you know it’s a cool hobby! :nerd_face:

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Just stepped out and my SDR was on my porch! This is going to be so cool …


Yeah I can’t wait; mine sitting in my porch waiting for me to get back next week :frowning: