SOLVED - FFB Shake Effects for XBOX360 / PS4 controller with DCS World (See caveat)

NOTE: For those that may not be active in ED forums and using an Xbox360 or PS4 when travelling or as an intermediate setup.

To all those that may be interested,

I have been forced to failback to PS4 controller (Using DS4windows so it is recognised as XInput device) as my Warthog stick is out of comission, and whilst I look for a suitable replacement, this may be my main mode of operation. Now funnily enough, the experience is not bad at all when combined with the Warthog throttle and dedicated rudder pedals. I mostly tinker with warbirds and F-14. Precise control over pitch and roll is achievable with slight curvature tuning. Very happy with it, indeed.

Now, as I’ll be using this for a while I started looking at ways of leveraging game’s FFB shake effects with the rumble motors present int the controller so as to experience any effects that the module may produce, such as AOA buffet etc. After some research, I came across a Japanese developer that has produced DirectInput force feedback driver for XInput (see link below, scanned for viruses - all clear).

Once installed, I enabled Force Feedback in DCS and fired up the F-14 (ensuring ‘Use FFB Trim Implementation’ is UNCHECKED in the module’s special tab). The results…OMG, I love it! The rumble is introduced with varying levels of intensity dependent on the AOA and at least appears to perfectly match the cockpit’s visual and aural shaking effects. You must try it. Obviously this has led me to start looking into proper FFB stick products out there :-).

There are some caveats though. I have tested this with warbirds as well. The AOA buffet effects are experienced in Bf109, Spitfire, Thunderbolt, Mustang. HOWEVER - it seems that elevator trim function is only possible in the Bf109 (maybe due to the way trim is implemented in that module). In all other modules mentioned above, trim wheel turns but has no effect whatsoever. It would be great if these modules could implement Heatblur’s method of having FFB trim optional when Force Feedback is selected, so that we can at least experience effects (unless there is an undocumented workaround).

The link for the driver is below - give it a shot. I used xi.win7.x64.en.msi for Windows 10.


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I’ve been meaning to try this with IL2:GB and my Xbox Elite Series 2 controller, which I love. Thanks for sharing your experience.

Silly question time… I have a wired Xb360 controller.
Can this system be activated, so to speak, even if I use full Trustmaster HOTAS?
Like, I’m thinking to keep the Xb360 controller in the kangaroo pouch of my sweater while flying with the HOTAS so I can control the thing like I usually do but also feel the buffeting and vibrations of the FFB…

It should be fine - just tested this with BF109. The controller’s stick was left centered and I controlled the pitch with the keyboard command. AOA buffet effect was noticed on the controller.

EDIT: you may need to increase FFB Shake to 100 in module’s control settings to feel it if in your pocket.

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Thanks, that’s smart.
I’ll try.

hmm wondering how I didnt notice this thread. need to try this my self also. thx for info @deki

I have DS4Win installed to make use of the touchpad on PS5 controller but usually I fly without it.

I dont know, but no effects in DCS by default. plus that link to the driver above is regarded as unsafe by my provider.

Hi Nevo, if you installed it correctly it should work if FFB option is checked, and only with modules that implement the shake effects. The only other thing I can think of is ensuring your DS4 profile is set to xbox360 emulation.

p.s. weird about the unsafe website alert. Ran it through my McAfee virus scanner ok

I usually have the emulation off, as it doubles the controllers in game. but gave it a go as enabled and no joy though.

iirc there were some rumble effects in MSFS but that one I run via steam while DCS is stand alone. wonder if the steam has something to do with it.