Some AI powered stuff

Recently reading about how the Berlin Mayor Franziska Giffey got had by a Deepfake video call from a fake Vitali Klitshko - I sometimes have to remove my head from the sand to look at this Virtual Insanity we are living in.

Here are some AI web sites that might be fun to play with - or not.

Upload a photo and Erase things from the photos like objects

Refresh the web page to get a person that is not a person – AI generated (Scary)

Create images from a few words – results will vary

Helps you write things but was not so clued up on the Westinghouse WX-200 :blush:

Upscale an image – an old small res photo

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Cool (and frightening!) thread! :thinking: :+1:

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This is quite impressive.


Yeah didn’t do so bad with the animals I put in like Rabbit - but its Jumbo Jet was less impressive.