Some Co-Op simulators

Hello Everyone,
I’m trying to find some buddies to do some coop in the following simulators, if someone are interested, please PM me to arrange the coop parties. Thanks!

  • Prepar3D 5.2 + Firefighter X - to do fun coop fire fighting with water/retardant bombers like the Canadair CL-215, DC-4 and/or helis
  • Carrier Command 2 - to start a full coop campaign

Some video example of FFX working with the gorgeous B-17


FFX on FSX runs great as well, I really hope they can export it to MSFS.

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I could be wrong, but I venture that not many Spikers are still on P3D or FSX in the MSFS era. Lots of fond memories for sure.

I agree but thats sad. Each simulator have his own gold feature. Also when i use a flight sim is not because the flight sim, but because the aircraft that i want to fly is there.
For example I will not use msfs instead of dcs when i want to fly a good A10.
P3D until now have the best variety of 4 prop liners, no other sim have so many well done 4 prop birds with a minimum quality.
I even have FSX installed because if i want the best B377 is only there with the A2A B377.
For example where is the best Tu154? XP11, not msfs
The best Q400 ? on P3D, not msfs.

This list is very long.
The big problem is that sadly many people inconsciously think that can only have 1 installed.
If I want to fly the aircraft X or Y i open Z or W respectivelly, so having the best of both worlds :slight_smile:

Those are good points stavka. No argument here. Still, when there are so many good flight sims, one has only so much time to nurture each. I really miss the MilViz Phantom II. My heart longs for it.

I should just install P4D and that single add-on. Wait, there is the Super Saber, and Phantom variants. Surely I would need a carrier add-on for NAVOPS. And a some of my numerous Orbx enhancements. And what would Prepar3D be without Active Sky? Here we go again.

Visualy P3Dv5.2 clouds are much forward than older version, you mainly only need a good realtime weather injector like the AS, REX, or FSGRW. (i use the last one, works well and easy on the system)
As mentioned about, if in future you wanna try some multicrew coop flights or FFX in coop, tell me :wink:
If you like 4 prop birds, tell me and i give you a nice full list :slight_smile:
About FFX dedicated birds, the RL CL-215 (the 415 is not much optimized) and the FR DC-4 are like a must to have :wink:

See the screenshot :slight_smile: