Some fun on a long test flight...

Happening now. I guess it was a long night :wink:


haha wtf

No effing way LOL! That just made my Thursday. :slight_smile:

15,766 mi ??

…which begs a question, does pull ASDI information? And if so, would Boeing be able to pull shenanigans with the FAA’s approval?

Sorry, I call bullshit on that…

Was thinking the same thing, but look at the tailcone track, and it looks imperfect. However, 15k miles is roughly 2 x standard B788 range.

This is actually quite normal for Boeing. I remember one Boeing Flight Aware track that spelled out B747 or 787 or something. All you have to do is file a flight plan with those RNAV waypoints, let the FMC do it’s thing. I’m sure they coordinate it with the FAA a bit before time, but at FL430 in the middle of the night, they aren’t getting in anyyone’s way probably…

Their 747 isn’t as good:


The range is greatly increased with only crew, no passenger and no cargo. Every aircraft has a significant shuttle range. And the 787 is quite fuel efficient at high altitude. I do believe this flight is real in that regard.

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