Some good sim controller mounts here

Have a look, they can build to order if you like.

UK guy from another site put me onto these guys, had been struggling building my own quickly swappable mount for my TM warthog stick and had still to work out something for its throttle for good ergonomics too.

Have ordered the TM Warthog throttle desk top mount only for about £100 delivered, not cheap but by all accounts very high quality and quickly swappable or removable that is exactly what I need for my situation.

Might just go for their TM Warthog stick mount in near future.

And if you can understand German :smile:

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I’m going to need three of them…


I built something like that for my G940 (made removable but stable consoles out of wood to attach to my desk), and also for my two touch screens.

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My order of the Monster Tech mounts arrived today, put in an order for the TM Warthog throttle mount first and soon realised I wanted their latest design (not seen in those video’s) for a conically offset adjustable TM Warthog stick that I wanted central mounted to use with the TM Warthog stick middle extension. The guys updated my order and shipped the two units together and carefully and well packed too I might add.

I appreciate good engineering when I see it and these are very robust evolved units now, absolutely solid, very adjustable for ergonomics and the actual adjustable quick release clamping lever is really a work of art in it self, absolute precision engineering. No sharp edges, everything fits perfectly and is self explanatory … I’d recommend you purchase the two allen keys they offer while ordering though as my household ones are not up to the same engineering precision
to do the basic assembly and personal adjustments I found necessary.

I cant recommend Monster Tech enough, why they do not advertise on more Sim sites was a curious mystery to me, but its a wise move, they are backlogged with orders, mine took the guts of three weeks and I don’t mind, if they were to go to SimHQ and advertise and more they would be inundated, they are a two man team just now and there would be lots of unrealistic expectations going on if that happened because these units seem perfect for lots of flight sim users … I think they want to expand slowly and not bite off more than they can chew.

Some pics of my new units on my work in progress sim desk (wire tidying and more will be sorted soon) for my example you can see I have a corner desk with my two sim PC’s, these Monster Tech units can be un-clamped, un-plugged and switched to the other PC in seconds. Or just easily removed to use my Wheel or Yoke if I want.

Quite honestly and I’m still going to need to fine tune the hight adjustment of both these controllers, everything is starting to feel right in early ergonomic testing at last in my new desk build … I can slide my chair right up to the Monster Tech TM stick until it sits at my groin without being uncomfortable due to new rounded base plate design, the offset for a central stick I’m still experimenting with but glad I’m able to adjust and fine tune.

Life is good, Simulation Life is good :slight_smile:


Man…that’s beautiful…!

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Looks sweet! If I had known about them a few years ago I would not have gone with my custom chair setup :slight_smile:

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Hmmm. I may have to look into these when I get home. Would sure be nice to free up some space on the desk.

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This is Nice! Daddy want… I am looking into these

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