Some issues

Hey y’all!

I have a few issues with the site lately. I am using the Firefox browser on Android and so far I was pretty happy with everything, but for the last few weeks I have encountered the following things:

  • stuff under spoiler tags (blurred) significantly reduces performance, like, a LOT. As soon as I click it everything is fine.
  • when I click on text fields to write or edit a post, the keyboard sometimes fails to pop up, and when it does it acts weird.
    This does not happen in a full screen editing mode, only with the “pop-up window” style quick reply.

Edit: grr it happened again. The problem is that the phone doesn’t seem to have an idea anymore where the cursor is. I click into the text input field and it clicks submit or whatever is below that pop-up. (Often the reply button).
It only happens in this forum, all other forums I frequent work normally.

Do any of the other forums you frequent use the same (discourse) forum software?

Can you clear the cached data for this site, or the whole cache if need be? Just in case there’s some old data in the cache causing a problem.

If it persists after that, then there is either an obscure bug with firefox or a code compatibility problem from Discourse to the firefox renderer.

(I am fine on mobile from Safari/iOS.)

From Android phone, mine, all is fine: but I actually use Chrome.
I always found it noticeably faster.

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Of the other forums none use the same software.

I posted this using Chrome and it works.

(Man, I don’t want to switch browsers… :frowning: )

I’ll try the cache thing.

Ok let’s see…

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Ok this seems to work a tad better, but not yet completely. More testing needed.

I’ll check the spoiler thing in a minute. Thanks for the hint, @Wes !

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Mine is the same. If I shut down down Firefox and reload completely it works OK.

One interesting thing I’ve noticed with Firefox is that it won’t let me upload more than one photo at a time to the site without giving me an error message

Hmm. Chrome uses the Blink Engine, which was forked from Webkit - the engine Apple uses. Firefox is the outlier in that regard, they have their own engine - Quantum.

Do you guys have a similar issue on Firefox desktop?

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I’m using Firefox beta on Android and it seems to work ok. Care to switch?

Never noticed a problem on desktop.

Me neither. Desktop works fine.

@sobek good idea I will try the beta

Just to prepare you, it’s the new version with new UI. I like the new UI a lot better than the old though.

I have gotten used to it as well.
I only changed the search bar location back to the top.

Hmmm ok this seems to work so far.

Edit2: the issue with the blur calling freezes seems to be gone as well.

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