Some Nevada Pictures and informations

Good evening !

I just noticed some new Nevada pictures and some details about how things will be in the game.

You can find those here:

Apparently, the map will have 3 level of details depending on how far you are from the center. They’ll be a “high detail” around Las Vegas, “mid detail” around, then when you’ll get out of what seems to be a 100100km area, you’ll fall into the low detail area. (which is… well… very low detailled).

The relief look nice, but personnally i find it really empty. Mmmm… I guess it has to do with the fact it’s a desert.

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*100km = 62 Miles.

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Thanks! That is an interesting way to deal with large maps. I guess it leaves open the concept for the maps to add in more detail over time, plus not be massive downloads initially. Nice.

Part of it is the available data they were able to find, the lower resolution areas are just basically the edges of the map much like the current one, only there so you dont come to an abrupt end of the map. The focus is on NTTR so most of the detail will be there.

I’m constantly amazed at some of the complaints I read about both blurry and washed out textures in flight sims. I make a living flying - and the reality of the situation is that all the world is not a lush, green, Wisconsin earth landscape viewed from 200’ in a windowless Piper Cub. Most of the times the views out our windows (Citation and King Airs in my case) are washed out…hazy…and not very vibrant at all. X-Plane actually does the best job of this to date…and even the current DCS World does it very good. Those complaining that the world doesn’t look like an photo are striving to replicate an unusual atmospheric condition (crystal clear air, unlimited visibility, no haze, and super clear acrylic cockpit windows…)

I think the pics look good and will be even better WITH haze and some scattering of the light…



Completely agree Beach!

+1 Beach, it amazes me as well what people expect all the while screaming for realism :smile:

I wonder if the better atmospheric haze and such will have a beneficial effect on spotting air targets as well, right now aircraft blend into the terrain because the contrast levels are so even, now with lower contrast hazy terrain and high contrast aircraft you would think it would get better…

Anyways, I am glad some people get it…

I honestly did a double take on this image yesterday when I was looking at real world images for Nevada/NTTR

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@SiThSpAwN that’s far too nice an image not to embed! (the initial space before the http bit confused the forum software :slight_smile: )

Reminds me of this…

Yes thought the same thing :slight_smile: