Some of you may remember this GEM, its been remade, ..COMANCHE

A old NovaLogic game/sim , the remake looks to be a cross between sime/Arcade , and includes 3 flight models at this time. This is a very very early Beta release, excuse me “early access” build ( Man there is a word some bean counter came up with to be the corporate arse kisser of the month) .

The price is right for a low risk investment , but if dealing with a few months of potential crashes or all other beta type problems might be a issue for you, I would wait. Price may rise at launch though, the only reason I mention it now.

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Looks more like Descent than Comanche.

Same Engine powers both , if I am not mistaken.

Yeah, both using same engine, descent, a great game in its own right, never really pushed the envelope of the flight model like this is going to try. I think they want a Descent like experience on the low end of the FM, and a much more Semi Flight Sim like experience on the High End.

Makes sense as they dropped with HOTAS support right out of the gate, and that is not common or even hardly ever seen in a a pure arcade type game. Time will tell though, I will grab it, if nothing else for nostalgia.

Different strokes for different folks, having spent hours of my childhood with the original, i think this is a hard pass on my end. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah, its just there in case someone has interest. I can think of far worse things to do right now though, than relive my childhood. I am trapped like a RAT in this house and about to go insane.

Normally wouldn’t be a issue, its more the fact I have little choice in it now :stuck_out_tongue: That simply changes everything as the UNIVERSE trying to act like my “Ex-Wife” and tell me what I can and cannot do is simply not something I enjoy . lol

As I still have Comanche Gold running, I’d probably choose to revisit that one rather than drop coin this new entry. Or just play ArmA3.