Someone say F-111?

Can’t remember if it was posted or not…but this is specifically for @Bogusheadbox


Nice read, love the F-111. One thing I always wanted to do in a sim is take a F-111 down low into Poland and loft a couple of LGBs on a bridge across the Vistula river.

Supercruise on the deck… yeah whats not to like.

Great find @BeachAV8R . Makes me wonder what old airframes with modern technology could actually accomplish.

Tis a sexy old beast.

Now where is my lotion and box of man sized tissues.

Who’s the lucky guy? :two_men_holding_hands:

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So why are there cotton undies - judging by the size from my dear colleague who chooses to remain nameless - on those cigar-shaped thingies?

Laundry day, and they’re out of clean t-shirts.

Oh, those flyboys…

doesn’t the F-111 have this pretty large effective blowdryer at the rear?

Great for a quick BBQ but can leave a slight hint of jet A in the food


You get used to it real fast.

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A mate sent me this video of an RAAF F-111c breaking windows at the Evans Head range.

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When I was a kid, I used to go to the Miramar air show every year. My parents would load up the cooler and lawn chairs and we’d head down for a day of fun. This was back when it was still NAS Miramar, Top Gun, Fightertown USA and all that.

One year, (I was probably 7 or 8, so I dunno, '92-'93 ish?) we met this pilot somehow, and I was nerding out and impressing him with my plane knowledge. Turns out he was an F-111 pilot, and later that day invited us down to check out his plane. I can’t remember if he was the static display pilot or he just got us in ‘behind the scenes’, but I do remember getting to sit in the cockpit of that behemoth 'Vark I think he got us into the O club too. Dunno though. Still a memory burned into my brain, sitting in that plane. I wish I had the foresight then to remember all the details a little better.


Came across this today. Thought of @Bogusheadbox of course.


Nice! I learned a lot about this when I started on the Tornado.

I’m resurrecting this thread just to start a petition. All those in favor of petitioning every dev with good military creds to create this for DCS, please indicate by the raise of the right hand. :raised_hand:

EDIT: I am tagging @Bogusheadbox to repent for my sin of forgetting. :laughing:


This wombat endorses this petition :raised_hand:

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Gah! I knew I forgot something!

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Yup :love_you_gesture: