Sony might be reviving G-Police

And no, not that kind of G-Police. I’m looking at you, perverts.

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That would convince me to get a PS4, honestly.

Psygnosis was just a terrific studio. I’ve been waiting for Sony to do a remake or a sequel to the Colony Wars console sim for years. If they’ve started to peruse their huge backlog of ip’s, and especially from Psygnosis. I’m all in.

I loved this game and played it to death !!

The moment you saw that owl, you knew you were in for a good time. They were one of my favorites, as well.

I’d hope, though, that there would be a PC Release of a new G-Police like there was with the original. Probably asking for too much. Not because I’m adverse about getting a console, it’s just that I want to use my HOTAS in the AG-60 Havoc.

What did everyone think of G police 2. I preferred the original