Sopwith VR

I found this little game, on Steam.

It’s called Sopwith VR. You fly a simplified WWI aircraft, which resembles a Sopwith Pup, for the Blue Forces, against the triplanes of the Red Forces.
It’s a simple sim-ish game with simple, but fast, graphics.
You use the VR controllers to use the stick and throttle, and it works very well.
There’s a forward facing Vickers machinegun and the developer recently added a top mounted Lewis gun. To fire the Vickers you just squeeze the trigger. You have to reach up to fire the Lewis, and you can even pull it down and use it as a hand held gun…! Huge fun flying around gunning Red Barons, left and right.
The guns can also be used to strafe ground targets. Everything from tanks to factories can be demolished by machine gun fire. No, not very realistic. But there’s an oddly satisfying feeling as the ground targets explodes and leave a huge crater. The buildings collapse with parts falling over themselves.
The terrain is some ridiculous mountainous islands. I wish they could do a simple fields and forrests instead. But, it’s early days…

It’s not for the hardcore flightsimmer, but it is fun. And it’s free! Can’t go wrong there. :vr:


Mindless destruction games can make for a fun change of pace. :sunglasses:



Prime example: Goat simulator! :smile:


I’ve had this for a while, and can’t control the silly thing. Much cursing ensued… :grinning:

They reduced the control sensitivity in a recent update. Give it another go! :wink: