SoulMade Simulations DHC-2 Beaver

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If backcountry flying appeals to your inner virtual pilot, SoulMade Simulations has the perfect bush aircraft for your needs. Whether a rough dirt strip, smooth pavement, or a scenic harbor tucked away deep in the wilderness, the many variants of the DHC-2 by SoulMade can get the job done. A plane with purpose I stumbled…


If I had unlimited funds (there’s a cheat code for Sims 2, you’d have thought there was one for real life by now?) then being a random destination sea-plane flying bush pilot in the Pacific Northwest would be up there in my top 3 chosen lifestyle choices. That looks like a great aircraft for that fantasy.

Also, I can’t believe you slipped in that corporate merchandise product link in there so subtly! :smile: (seriously though, Xmas coming up, would look good on any desk…)

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