Space Battleship Yamato / Star Blazers (2010) - Live Action Movie - Rare Fan Dub

Kind of kitsch, but also a bit fun. Especially if you have childhood memories of the original cartoon…

Maybe a good watch with popcorn while sequestered…! :crazy_face:


Excellent work @HiFlyer can’t wait to watch

Loved that when I was a kid!
Didn’t know there was a remake…

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So, did anyone watch this?

Loved it?

Hated it?

Haven’t had a minute to sit down and watch but I’m in the truck tomorrow night so I’m going to watch it then and I’ll report back

Watched this last night. I’m not a good movie reviewer.

You will probably hate it…I loved it. Cheese. Over the top and was excellent.


Watched it late one night on Funimation with dub. Seemed pretty good. Fell asleep not due to movie, but fatigue and wine. lol.

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