Space Engineers

Having good fun with this after having picked it up a couple days ago.

It is currently on sale at greenmangaming for -43%. About 12$ CAD.


  • If a mudspike server was available would anyone be interested? (It would be branded something else to avoid linking to the site so admins don’t need to worry about feeling responsible for it)

There’s the question of monthly cost, but that’s irrelevant if no one is interested in playing anyway :slightly_smiling_face:


I have it and I have many questions.
Is the server always there for people to jump in?
There’s a word for it, when the server is shadow-running when no players are connected but I drank a lovely white sparkling Moscato and language is leaving me in silence.

Edit: drunk giggle Weeee!

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Yes, what Rhino is talking about is a dedicated server. Rhino, adlabs and I have been playing off Rhino’s saved game, but we can’t play without him there. We wanted a dedicated server so we could play whenever.


That’s it! Dedicated server! :smiley:

Edit: sorry forgot the body of the message…
So, yeah I have the game and barely touched it- impulse buying and all that- so I’d be down to try it.

What’s the cost for the server ?

A 10-slot server is $62 for a year. Server would be located in new York and we are all off timezone from you. Everything would persist so we’d still benefit from each other’s work (or could play separately, whatever).

No one is obligated to pay if I do end up setting one up, but it would make it easier. If we had even 5 people who were committed that would be less than 11$CAD per person if split equally.

Lots of ways this could happen.

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I’d be in.

I’m in.

I talked with OSOK. He might be in, plus a couple of others.

Osok would make 4 guaranteed. If he has buddies that are in that makes it definitely worthwhile even if we are separate factions. I don’t think we’ll exceed a 10 slot requirement unless we get some more interest from the mudspike crew here. Kome is off timezone so not an issue most of the time.

I’d probably jump on from time to time. You guys playing in creative or survival?

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Intending to do survival.

I could do the same, drop in now and then as I don’t have a lot of free time.

Anyone who wants in, you need to apply to join our steam group. Only members of that group are whitelisted to enter the server.

Server name is Space Monkeys. Or I can pm you the direct connect info.