Space Quest 3D?

I found this today, completely by accident, looking up information on the original Space Quest III: The Pirates of Pestulon!

Official Release Has Landed! - Space Quest 3D by TurboChimp

I’ve just installed it to validate its legitimacy, and it’s very much as advertised! Only a few minutes of game time, just enough to become USDA (you know, if you know!), but it looks like an actual 3D recreation of the original! I’m not sold yet on its presentation, It’s very much a fan-made production, but the voice acting is so far above average…


Awesome! Thanks for sharing, I probably would never have found this.

Wild. But why? The original is so perfect in original form. Neat.

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YEah, no disrespect but somehow I was asking myself the same “Why”…

I know! But, it’s still worth checking out, if only to better appreciate the original game! Honestly, I’m not sold on either the new interface or the new artistic presentation. I ended up playing the original game via SCUMMVM after just 5 minutes. There’s clearly a lot of dedication here, however, so I’ll maybe give it a fair shake in the near future!

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