Space X CRS-10 (Launch Target 2/19/17)

NEW Launch Target: 9:38 AM EST Feb. 19th 2017



Space X is aiming to launch the tenth mission of their part of the Commercial Resupply Contract Saturday Feb. 18th. This will be the first launch for Space X from the historic Launch Complex 39, and the first launch from pad 39A since 2011.



FEB 19 New Links

Feb 18:

Hosted Webcast

Technical Webcast

| Falcon 9 Full Thrust | LC-39 | Landing Zone 1 | Dragon Cargo Ship | Commercial Resupply Services (CRS) |


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Main post updated with news, times, and video links.

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Still showing a 70% of favorable weather at this point.
Launch Forcast

Here’s the launch license if you’ve ever wanted to see one. (Posted by /r/Spacex)
Launch License PDF on

CRS-10 Press Kit:


Scrub, next window is tomorrow at 9:30am

Yah that was close! But I get it, safety and mission success and all.

45th Weather Squadron Launch Forecast FEB 19

New video links!

Why is there a 7 minute difference between those two above streams and the one I’m watching on CNBC?

Maybe they are showing the abort from yesterday - it stopped at 13 sec…

I got no idea, those are the direct space x webcasts… which feed is ahead?

Edit: that would make sense

Yeah…the two streams you posted are legit. The one on CNBC shows you the abort…LOL…gonna be a lot of disappointed people watching that one…LOL

Thanks @Andrew116. Watching it with the kids this morning. T - 5 and all systems are go.

Pretty cloudy day…not gonna be much of a view from the pad area…

Can you imagine seeing that first stage come roaring back through that overcast if you didn’t know it was coming? LOL…how awesome would that be…

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The graphics look like KSP…LOL…keeping pitching to make an orbit…!

The waffle irons deployed…! Breakfast!

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Thats awesome :+1:

Space waffles!

Brakes…brakes…brakes… LOL

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Stuck it…!!!

Holy crap! Sun comes out right as it lands too. Made it look easy.

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Cool…Dragon part made it too…thus far…