Space X JCSAT-16 Thread

Space X JCSAT-16 Thread/ Discussion

Launch Window Opens at: 1:26 am 8/14/16
(That’s Sunday morning, I have to keep reminding my self about that… its like a late Saturday night launch.)

Launching from Cape Canaveral SLC-40, Space X will be putting JCSAT-16 a geostationary communications satellite into orbit. JCSAT-16 is operated by the JSAT Corporation and will be providing Ku and Ka band services. The launch vehicle will be a Falcon 9 Full Thrust and after the launch a first stage recovery will be attempted on “Of Course I Still Love You” at sea.

As of 8/10/16:


Space X - JCSAT-16 - Static Fire Test 08-10-2016
SpaceX - JCSAT-16 - Static Fire Test 08-10-2016 - YouTube Direct YouTube Link

Launch TFR:

Live Steams:
Hosted Webcast:
JCSAT-16 Hosted Webcast - YouTube Direct YouTube Link

Technical Webcast:
JCSAT-16 Technical Webcast - YouTube Direct YouTube Link

| Falcon 9 Full Thrust | JCSAT-16 | SLC-40 | “Of Course I Still Love You” Droneship | Geostationary Transfer Orbit (GTO)|


Feel free to post discussion, news and updates. I’ll try and keep this up to date as best I can.


I’m really hoping one of these nights I’ll get to see a SpaceX launch as I’m going down the coast at FL370 or 400 or something. I caught a space shuttle launch once during the daytime…but I’d love to see one of these going up at night…

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T-minus 6 hours. :slight_smile:

Popcorn Status: Go flight


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Nice landing!

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Images from Space X Flickr.