Space X SES-10 Booster Relaunch 3-30-17

Current Expected Launch Date: March 30th 2017 18:27 - 20:30 EDT

Pictured here is the launch of CRS-8. The first stage of CRS-8 will be Space X’s first relaunched booster for the SES-10 mission. Also note that CRS-8 was the first stage to successfully land on the autonomous drone ship, marking the first landing on a floating platform for anyone. SES-10’s first stage will attempt another landing at sea.
Image Source: Space X Flickr


Launch Forecast:

As of 3/29/17: Launch Forecast


Space X Hosted Webcast (YouTube)

Space X Technical Webcast (YouTube)

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New launch date and times updated in body and title.

Static fire completed and forecast section added.


I am looking forward to this!

And thanks for making these posts and collecting all of the information!


It’s my pleasure!

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Launch Time Updated! Window opens at 18:27 EDT (Daytime launch and landing!!)

Weather forecast updated and video feeds added.

Ars Technica has a short article on the upcoming flight: link

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So it worked. Cool. :slight_smile:

Ok here we go, the booster made it back to port today, and with it came more pictures and video!

Instagram video of the landing:
Direct Link

A couple awesome stills over on the Space X Flickr

HiRes Link

This stuff just never gets old to me.

Very cool!

Did you see the damage done to those grid-control surfaces?

YES! They came in very hot, but that was kinda expected from the orbit they had to launch in to.

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The engineer part of me kinda understands how it works, but the rest of me still says “NO F****ING WAY!!!???” whenever I see one of those videos. Holy cow. If you had shown anything of this to Wernher von Braun in the 1970s he would probably have collapsed laughing, saying “What a ball of BS science fiction!!”

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