Spacesuits Reinvented | SpaceX vs NASA

Anyone notice the similarities to our spacesuits in “Elite Dangerous?” :slight_smile:

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Had to stop watching when the phrase was uttered that (paraphrasing): “The temperature in space is a problem”. The modern definition of temperature is that it is a unit proportional to the mean undirected kinetic energy of the particles that a medium consists of. There is a vacuum in space, ergo there are hardly any particles, so talking about temperature is nonsense. Even if the occasional particle (which is most likely whizzing through space at ludicrous speed) hits you with a lot of thermal energy, it will be such a rare occurance that the net energy transferred per unit of time is miniscule compared to the thermal radiation you emit.

There are both high and low extremes of thermal radiation. A lack of thermal radiation will cause an object that is not being heated otherwise to cool off indefinitely as itself emits thermal radiation and in the process loses thermal energy. If an object is being hit with more energy than it emits, it will heat up until it has reached a temperature where there is equilibrium between the energy of incoming and outgoing thermal radiation.

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