SpaceX 1st Falcon Heavy Launch Date: Sept 6 13:30 (18:30 utc)

Looks like we have a preliminary launch date!


Window opens at 13:30 EST - 16:30 EST (18:30 - 21:30 UTC) on 6 Feb 2018 with a backup on the 7th.

Good info collection thread on Reddit: here
(I have re-created the info table from this link below)

Liftoff currently scheduled for: February 6’th, 13:30-16:30 EST (18:30-21:30 UTC).
Static fire currently scheduled for: Completed January 24, 17:30UTC.
Vehicle component locations: Center Core: LC-39A // Left Booster: LC-39A // Right Booster: LC-39A // Second stage: LC-39A // Payload: LC-39A
Payload: Elon’s midnight cherry Tesla Roadster
Payload mass: < 1305 kg
Destination orbit: Heliocentric 1 x ~1.5 AU
Vehicle: Falcon Heavy (1st launch of FH)
Cores: Center Core: B1033.1 // Left Booster: B1025.2 // Right Booster: B1023.2
Launch site: LC-39A, Kennedy Space Center, Florida
Landings: Yes
Landing Sites: Center Core: OCISLY // Side Boosters: LC-1, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida
Mission success criteria: Successful insertion of the payload into the target orbit.

…Surely he can’t be serious.

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He surely is :sunglasses:

Yeah. He is.



so ■■■■■■■ awesome. imagine finding that 4000 years later…


Is he putting his car into orbit, or seeing if it survives the landing?

I really REALLY hope he didn’t forget any CD he likes in there. Or the Squeege. Has he emptied the ashtray?
Dammit, I would never do that with my car just because I’d be so insecure about that kind of stuff.

Orbit. A ‘permanent’ orbit between the orbit of Mars and Earth. Should be good for a billion years unless something unexpected hits it.

Apparently it will be playing David Bowie’s Space Oddity on takeoff. Not sure hold long a Tesla can play an MP3 on battery alone. I mean the car is one big battery, so it should be a while :slight_smile:

I just imagine aliens in the far future finding this odd vehicle flyuing in space.

“It doesn’t make ANY sense. It can’t have flown in space by itself, it’s useless in space, and it looks like it can accomodate only few beings with very little extra space for moving. WHY is it in space?!”

You’re assuming the alien visitors won’t have been funded by some rich eccentric alien who does even more bizarre stuff. It may rank 56497th on their list of weird stuff.


Eh… I admit I didn’t think about this.


So, I’m working my way through The Expanse and somewhere around S2E6, they retroactively introduce this propulsion device called the Epstein drive. Which, apparently will be developed to the point where exploration of our solar system is greatly facilitated, mostly in shortening the travel time between planets. Initially, I didn’t think of it more than an amusing side plot. That is, until I watched this video.

Fascinating stuff. How does it relate to launching of the Falcon? Well, in my very limited understanding of the subject of space exploration, I view SpaceX and others organizations like them, as sort of our Epsteins. I don’t understand what they do and what drives them, but I am really thankful that we have individuals with the motivation and wherewithal to make dreams a reality.


Totally loved “The Expanse” so far. Waiting eagerly for the next season!

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While the Epstein drive is cool, the Horshack drive has me saying “Ooh! Ooh ooh!!”

Help us, Ron Palillo. You’re our only hope.

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Love this… can’t wait till tomorrow


Man I hope I get a CLT to ORL or TPA trip tomorrow that would let me see this from the air. I saw the Shuttle go up on a trip once…but this would be epic…


My feelings about tomorrow… (prays for no scrub)



Reading Ignition!, a surprisingly hilarious bit of history as recomended by Ars Technica in anticipation. It’s right after dinner for my family, so we will all be watching. Let’s hope it does goe up and not sit still or heaven forbid, go boom. (Tony Stark did say that was a distinct possibility and nothing to worry about tho)

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@Fridge I hope you don’t mind but I edited your post title for a little more visability.

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