SpaceX Interplanetary Transport System

Purdy graphics…

Live presentation coming up today at SpaceX


Live stream here, maybe: Live Stream

It has not started yet … according to Ars LiveBlog.

Starting now. 3pm EST

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Yep, Elon editing his slides. "Make red planet a bit more redder!'. :slight_smile:

Info so far is the launch vehicle is 3.6 times more powerful than the Saturn V and has 42 engines. Douglas Adams was right all along…


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As cool as all this is, I am still a little disappointed that our space exploration takes place on the back of a missile still… was hoping something more YT-1300ish by now…


I think it was fairly sci-fi. When he mentioned the ‘Mars Colonial Fleet departure’ and referenced Battlestar Galactica then it have a different perspective to how longer term this is

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Cylons need to be built or it doesn’t count :slight_smile:

And thanks… now I have that vid running in the back ground while I work… I love this kinda stuff. Dont understand half of it, but still love it.

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Those guys (Musk and that Blue Origin guy) must have gigantic phallus complexes.
Whatever. I still like those rockets. :slight_smile:

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Elon Musk created the largest beer keg ever. All hail…the carbon fiber mega-keg.