I just deleted 3 spam posts and associated accounts based on your flags.
Well done!
This kind of peer moderation is really making the job a lot easier.

Keep up the good job!


I used to lurk or forum like this…
You’ll never guess what happened next

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Aw, I thought you were going to say you took an arrow to the knee…


Just restarting forum servers while I do a quick system update for this.

It’ll be about 10 mins of downtime, so please click on this link in a new tab and when you’re finished we’ll be back up. There’ll be a test, so read carefully.

Ok done, all good now. Two things:

  • The term ‘F-111’ has been removed from the spam filter. It represented about 80% of our traffic. :f111:

  • An easy one, but the update was quicker than expected. Why were Arcite and Palamon imprisoned?


They bought beta keys for DCS on a Russian shady re-seller. Tsk.

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