Speaking of DCS World EDGE Map Technology

Take a look at these videos. Pay particular attention to the maps. Tell me this isn’t DCS EDGE technology or something close.

Bagram Air Base


Baku, Azerbaijan

You can check the rest of the videos here. This must be the commerical-military arm of ED or a big client of theirs. I’m guessing of course but you tell me otherwise. Look at all the maps.

Avia TS Webpage


Yes, licensed tech I believe - @SkateZilla and @SiThSpAwN will know for sure.

There are some great full cockpit sim videos at the ED forums too:

That Corisca and the Oil Platform one looks great - would have loved that, if it ever went commercial rather than milsim.

It really is too bad that those terrains will likely never be released publicly.

None of the Content in those videos is representative of upcoming Modules or 3rd Party Modules.

They Are Simply Earlier Versions of EDGE running on Different Simulation platforms being used by other companies for training.

These maps are Commercial Property belonging to other Companies.

Regarding say AviaTS,
The Base Graphics Engine is Obviously the same as EDGE,
However it was very likely licensed from ED in an Early State, Developed, programmed and compiled by AviaTS to run on a Specific Hardware profile, and likely not any profile of hardware used in anyone’s Residential Home.

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@SkateZilla Thank you for the clarification SkateZilla. It is exciting to still see other maps, other possibilities for maps in DCS World. Let’s hope some third party or parties will be developing more maps for this superb simulation.

Pretty sure that once Caucasus is finished w/ it’s bring up to T4/T5, NTTR is Tweaked, And Hormuz and Normandy are Finished the flood gates will open, as 3rd Parties start to produce terrains.

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