Special K - Pushing the Boundaries of Resolution

I’m making myself laugh at my own topic title. :smiley:

Here’s New York filmed in 12K … just incredible … even on my measly 60" 4K screen …

You’ll notice the 8K restriction on this YouTube vid but stunning none the less.

She’s pretty bandwidth hungry too.



I watch monitor review people like Linus Sebastian squinting at their 34" “ultrawide” monitors from 5 inches away trying to look at all the detail and it just makes me laugh at their ignorance.

Ya gotta go big. Linebacker Certified 60" minimum. :+1:

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And I already think that the 4K screens, at the store, look better than looking out a window…!

I dunno, i was able to see it perfectly fine from my 34" ultrawide monitor, even at distances great than 5" :wink:

Really nice video though, thought it was it cool to see all the different hues of lights as it approached times square.