Spectrum WiFi router problem

I have run across the most assinine situation with my Spectrum WiFi router. So far I have not been able to access it through the default Gateway. Every time I try to access the router it throws up a page requiring me to download their My Spectrum App and use my phone to access the Router. According to posts I have found that is not going to let me do much either, forget about port forwarding or any other higher admin features even if I download the My Spectrum app. The only thing I have been able to do is change the WI-FI name and PW when I logged into my online account but there was no way to alter anything else.

Anyone here have Spectrum Internet service? How do you access the Gateway router WITHOUT downloading their My Spectrum App?

Modem: Ubee
Model: EU2251

Router (WiFi): Askey
Model SAC2V1K

What are my alternatives, besides just sending everything back and telling them to stuff it?


Ugh, it is as bad as I thought… smi20

SAC2V1K - Are we serious?

n0d1t @ Reddit wrote:

Spectrum’s new wireless routers they send out with the modem ( SAC2V1K ), ahem. What in the actual basic b’s are we doing here? I can’t actually configure advanced settings on this thing? I can get the MySpectrum app, but are those really the advanced settings?

This is beyond laughable. I have no flexibility, no control. Do I have to jailbreak this thing to do any sort of advanced configurations on my wifi router? Or do I just have to go 3rd party? So disappointed with this level of base intelligence Spectrum has set their standards for. Trying to avoid making an iphone reference here. Oy vey.

Not expecting any useful responses. Just ranting but please, surprise me.

jerrylive365 @ Reddit wrote:

Just got the same router and I can confirm these are horrid pieces of garbage!

You “can” use the app to do port forwarding, and thats what I was forced to use, but UDP forwarding doesnt work at all. The fact that I have no web browser support is just plain stupid. As I found out, Spectrum can do the forwarding for you , but like I said, UDP doesnt even work so its a moot point.

The fact that they can configure your router means they have a backdoor to your computer whenever they want. I said to the rep on the phone that seeing my current port forwarding configuration that I setup is concerning to me. They say its to “help” the customer with an easier way to troubleshoot and make changes. There is another word for it, its called spying!

Anyway, this is a god awful product

Any recommendations on WiFi Router’s to replace this one?


I’d look into TP-Link or Cisco.
Probably Cisco as first option (and have a good reputation on corporate level router options), they usually have some high customisable ones but I can’t give a specific model.

I can vouch for ASUS, I am running an older RT-AC3200 here at home and have been for ~4 years without major incident.

I have a TP Link switch in the network and that has been trucking for years too. It’s unmanaged so I can’t speak to TP’s software.

Do you get the option to turn that ISP provided one into modem only / bridge mode? Even with your own router you need still the modem portion for signal conversion from fiber/coax/DSL twisted pair. I have our ISP combo modem/router setup as such, and the RT-AC3200 functions as gateway/router/WiFi host.

I have a recent cable modem/VoiP box from them but I did not get the wifi part as I already have a mesh router at home that I’m happy (enough) with.

What surprised me, and disappointed me, was that the new modem had only a single RJ45 port on the back. My old modem had 4 ports and I’d plugged my wifi and my desktop in separately. It was an Arris modem and I could login (using the default pw I looked up online which was never changed) and set the port forwarding. It gave all my devices a NAT 192.168 address.

The new one doesn’t have that. I tried putting a switch in that port but then only the first attached device to the switch gets an IP (which is now an externally routable one, no more NAT, and they don’t give you more than 1 IP–I remember when you used to get 5). So I have to plug my desktop into my wifi router’s RJ45 out and configure the port forwarding THERE now. It is now modem → wifi router → PCs and all devices.

Since the router only has 4 outs, if I need more I guess I can try and plug the switch into one of those ports and then plug them into the switch and see if that works. Something for the weekend…

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You now have the traditional layout for home use, when supplying your own router.

When the device from the ISP is in modem/bridge mode (or only is a modem) your first device gets a Public IP and since you are only allocated one, any other device will not.

If they did, you’d have multiple public IP’s and no LAN - the original IP layout that led to address exhaustion when businesses had every PC, printer and copier with a public IP.

A switch behind your router is the correct course for additional LAN ethernet ports. The only difference now is to ensure your router is in Gateway mode, so it’s firewall protects the LAN and it offers NAT’d private (192.168 or other private range) addresses internally, which it sounds like you have already setup anyway.

What I had working that I was forced to change when we moved to Comcast was a Gateway Router that was Wifi capable with 4 Ethernet outlet ports that I connected to a 16 port Netgear switch to connect the rest of the house. The only thing using the WiFi signal was the Amazon fire stick since it did not come with an Ethernet port which would have allowed me to wire it directly into the network.

Old system

Arris Gateway Router: BGW210-700

Netgear 16 port Switch: NETGEAR - 16-Port 10/100/1000 Mbps Gigabit Unmanaged Switch

New system

Ubee, EU2251 modem:

Askey, SAC2V1K WiFi Router

I have found a command that actually gets me to a login page for the router.
Of course none of the 3 possible default passwords and usernames that I have found will login to the router.

Netgear 16 port Switch:

If I am following along correctly I should be able to just remove the Askey, SAC2V1K WiFI router and install one of my own that has IP assignment capabilities since the Ubee, EU2251 Modem Spectrum provided will only issue one?


Per your last paragraph, yes that should work.

There is a small chance that the IP address you get from your ISP is attached to the MAC address of the router. If that is the case, usually you just have to “register” your new router with them by giving them the MAC address (which is on a sticker attached to the bottom or rear of it). Again, this is not a super common practice in my experience, but I have heard of it being done.

My old modem looked nothing like yours, but my new one is identical. It passes through an externally routable IP to my wifi router.
So I see their wifi router is where they put the ethernet ports now.

Spectrum sent this to me​:rage:WTF? Should not expect anything better Bc I told the tech,Plez send new name brand equipment :joy:As much money they make they sending this ■■■■. Just was curious to see how other customers comments. I’ve not even opened the plastic yet. Second week I’ve Had it . I
Think I’m going to go buy router, just not sure which kind.