Squad - Early Access

Had a quick watch on Steam broadcast and it looks great. A sort of large squads vs squads (heh) version of Insurgency. Actually tempted by this one, but will wait and see.

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If it is anything like Project Reality (this is the team behind that) it should shape up to be excellent. I hope they develop it faster than they did PR though or else we will be waiting decades.

I’m dead set on picking it up during Christmas shutdown when I’ve got time to enjoy it. I’m hoping it can fill the casual-tactical shooter niche Insurgency currently occupies for me, but on a larger scale.

I don’t think anything will ever dethrone the Arma series as my grunt simulating bread and butter, but I cannot always devote the time it takes to set up a worth while scenario, so it’s nice to have these less free form games available.

Yep, it seems to be a natural succession to what PR was doing. The hierarchical squad comms, the rally points and (later on) forward base building with supplies and vehicles - if it can keep a decent core of players then it’ll do well.

Red Orchestra 2 sort of fell into the CQB genre (but with great maps) as the vehicles from RO1 didn’t seem to make it. For Insurgency, every time I tried a pick-up game there were just kids yelling ‘allah ackbar!’. I get enough of that with CSGO. Considering in PR you’d get kicked for that pretty quickly, I think Squad will do ok.

Play and love it, was a supporter from the get go… only problem for me, right now, is the inability to reprogram keys, can’t play long with default right handed key setup, left handed, so I use the keypads for movement.

Are there any vehicles yet?

I don’t think so. They did have some ready, but I believe they took them out for the alpha Steam release until they are all more ready and tuned up. Trucks, Humvees, that sort of thing - basically just less walking… :wink: