SSN-779 USS New Mexico visits my hometown


Nice! I’m guessing they’re not giving tours?

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Don’t think so…

Pity. I had a chance to tour -775 a couple of times during construction- lot of really cool things on those boats (which is probably EXACTLY why they’re not doing tours).

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Yeah. I would love to see one on the inside, or even just close up on the outside.

Very cool. Only sub I remember visiting was SSN 571 in Groton CT. My Pop being a PANOPO, (one of 116) I could feel the history.

Only been in/on one sub and that was over 40 years ago.



Fliss and I went onboard HMS Ambush in Faslane. My branch of the Royal Institute of Navigation includes a retired Admiral so he got us this as a follow on to a tour of the carrier HMS Illustrious which he had commanded when a Captain. Then more recently we were on HMS Queen Elizabeth. Not that I am trying to wind you all up… :rofl: A lot of stuff on the sub was covered up and we were not free to roam.