Star Citizen 3.5

Atmospheric flight test from the new 3.5. test build. Good sense of speed:

So I felt like I shouldn’t even post this here, but what the hell. Go for it. :slight_smile:

As for Star Citizen as a general topic, it seems like a complete disaster. I am ok with my $30 spend about sixteen years ago, just because I download a test build every year or so and poke around. It’s fine, just never finished or polished. Some of the stuff is pretty neat tech wise.

I do feel bad for the people that spent a lot of money, and do hope they get something out of it eventually. My interest is more of a technical one, but I can see why people get angry/upset and want to soapbox - human nature plus it’s a bad situation.

Here’s their latest 3.5 launch info. The Arc City is impressive to walk around:

Here’s the new ships they are trying to sell:

The city overview:


Looks very good.


Should get the ptu installed again. Never felt so immersed being a spaceman in a game as in SC 3.4… Locations and things-to-do are ramping up, should be good at the end of the year or next year, game looks so good it will still be state of art for a considerable time to go.

Yeah I also hop into the game now and then and enjoy it.

I spent …200 bucks I think, so not that severe either, and I feel that it was money well spent.
They already did some very impressive things and they continue doing so. Slow and falling short of the (overinflated) expectations, but still pretty nice.
What is also cool is their website, with the lore articles and so on.
That’s the main contrast to other space games for me.

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I’m waiting for the sequel, “Sovereign Star Citizen”, to come out :wink:

(Too political?)


Just dont open your browser. The law doesnt say you have to open your browser. Or pay taxes.


The last time I refused to open my browser, the Cop broke out my Windows…get it?…like Windows 10…OK, a bit lame…but not too political. :grinning:

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Has anybody played with this recently? I got an email yesterday that my Space BMW was just upgraded, and I thought I’d download the latest alpha and give it a whirl this weekend.

More specifically, are the HOTAS bindings nicer to play with than the last time I tried this, maybe 3 years ago? I’m not trying to waste 2 hours fighting with keybinds or .xml files and overlapping profiles, if I can avoid it - this stats class is taking LITERALLY all my waking free time, so far 7 days a week.


The latest video I saw with the planetside flying around looked pretty sweet. Let us know how it goes!

I hop in every month or two and play a few hours at least, looking at some new stuff.
And yeah it has become a lot more smooth and user friendly.
Some really nice looking content in there, too.