Star Citizen Alpha 2.0 Public Test Universe AAR

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Star Citizen continues to develop over time, with an important next step being the ‘baby universe’ test bed of the Public Test Universe (PTU) and the 2.0 client. What’s going on with Star Citizen and where they are on their plans is an entire article in itself, and not something I’m going to tackle here…

That was quite interesting. Something to keep an eye on.

Thanks. Yes, it’s creeping forward. There was a time when I thought perhaps it would collapse inward in its own ambition, but it really does seem to be getting there.

@fearlessfrog - Fantastic article (just now finding a breather to read it!)…

Couple comments…

Personally, I always wear my space helmet to bed. Maybe it’s just me…

Regarding the ship entry via the platform…is that all sort of scripted when you get on there…or are you allowed freedom of movement throughout that process?

Interesting that you were killed by another player at the port. Sounds like Space GTA-V Online… Hopefully there is a purpose to that…like I’d assume if someone were just camping and killing people near a space port that the space port would open fire and kill someone like that. But what do I know?

Really nice write-up. One of those games that I bought (I think I bought it…pretty sure anyway)…and haven’t kept up with the progress yet…so I appreciate these updates on its status.

Nice one!



The ship entry on that platform that goes up is unscripted, in that the guy that owned the ship, and I was blagging a ride from, just opened it and I jumped on. It’s possible to get crushed. :smile:

Most of the interactions like ‘press F to get in’ with the Use Action do run a short animation, which always feels a bit weird to be honest.

There’s certainly some discussion about how ‘grief free’ to make SC in this sort of environment. At the moment people are barely being able to run it (it’s better a few days later when I write this now, but at the time it was rough enough that I didn’t know if I could get screenshots before a crash). I think the invite status is about 50,000 people out of the 1,000,000 that are eligible, so really it’s still the Wild West on the test servers (where there are no consequences for anything yet - I can only imagine how rage inducing it’ll be to destroy someone’s USD $1,000 real-life ship if they don’t have insurance… oh my).