Star Citizen - an offer I can't refuse?

LOL…see, I haven’t played a single minute of Star Citizen, yet I get the e-mails from Roberts Space Industries. They know my weakness…a cool PDF file describing a new product:

Jumpworks, GmbH is extending a special offer to selected Aurora owners and would like to make you an offer you can’t refuse! For decades, Origin’s lines of high-precision, machine-tooled spacecraft have been synonymous with capability and class. Don’t let the reputation for luxury fool you: the Origin 300i, our signature single-seat spacecraft, is within your reach! An effective dogfighter, courier and touring ship, the 300i can be seen in action in our holo-spot:

We would like to invite you to visit your authorized Origin 300i dealer today, where we are offering a limited-time 5,000 UEC ($5 USD) rebate to any pilot trading in an Aurora spacecraft towards the purchase of an Origin 300i. Details for applying your discount can be found at the end of this transmission.



Spend more!


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That comes with a trip to space right?

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It will feel like zero gravity when the credit card statement comes in for this one:

Oh…my wife would certainly put me into orbit if that showed up on the CC statement…

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To Chris Roberts

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lol - it reminds me of a dinner I apparently ruined when I found out a brother-in-law has this fantastic financial plan of where he spends $100 on the big lottery each and every week. My comment of ‘It’s like a tax on people that can’t do math, it’s almost cruel.’ went down badly. His rebuttal was on the lines of ‘Yeah, but it’s good value, because it allows you to dream - you purchase for the dream, not for the winnings!’.

My thinking was on the lines of ‘Well, I could sell you that dream a lot cheaper buddy’ but by that point I’d thought I’d just nod and smile. :smile:

Star Citizen has a lot of dream money placed into it, and as long as it’s all eyes-wide-open spending then I guess there is no harm, i.e. it’s all adults etc.


I do have an Aurora, but I don’t like the 300i very much.
I think I’ll keep my two ships I have (Aurora and Constellation) and try to get the rest of them once the game is released. There has to be something to play for. :slight_smile:

I did like the touch in the ad with the Concoria at 1:56.