Star Citizen - From Pupil To Planet

“A brief introduction to our upcoming procedurally generated planet system.”

This looks very impressive. Given the funding not that surprising, but still a really nice surprise to see their tech coming together bit by bit.

Here’s a gameplay video going the other way, i.e. from space to landing:


I hoped they would be able to do it, but I was surprised they are that far already!
Years ago I was very excited when the I-Novae engine of “Infinity: The Quest for Earth” showed it was possible. SC somehow combined that with CryEngine visual quality.

I backed SC with some 300€ during the original campaign (as a member of the Wing Commander community I am proud to be one of those who first knew about the project) and some people have been laughing at me for years now because of that, but hey: Even if it takes longer than planned they deserve praise for just having the balls to try and pull this off.
It has been an incredible journey to this point, and I can already say that what I got from the project justified the money. So much fun with the prototypes and the community events and all that cool stuff to see.

Of course the project may still fail (which would be a catastrophe for the genre and crowd funding as a whole) and people say it has built up a hype so big, it MUST fail, but IMO that shouldn’t stop anyone from trying.
I am very excited about pushing limits, and those guys are pushing them hard.

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That was underwhelming. Shortest atmosphere I’ve ever seen. :wink:

It was mainly composed of unobtainium, which explains its density. :smile:

Well, the planet is only 1000km big, so its atmosphere can’t be very large either.

Pretty cool video…(the second one). Nifty stuff and I curse that there are only 24 hours in a day…