Star Citizen Planet Demo

Looks great. One for the grandkids perhaps? :wink:


Yeah does look great, but i do come to it with a pinch of scepticism. These demos are horribly scripted to the nth degree.

I am not saying it wont end up like they are portraying, but i watched the whole citizen con where they showed off their tech and biome creation. There was a few things there that made me raise an eyebrow.

Aside from the tech, i do constantly have the question of how much backers money are they spending on these over lavish over produced citizencon moneypits.

Seems unnecessary to me. Bit i am a tight wad.

@fearlessfrog yes my childrens grandchildren should have fun with it.

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I was an early Star Citizen, and I am still kinda excited for the game, but I also see the possibility that feature creep combined with perfectionism might actually kill it.
That being said, I had tons of fun with it already so I don’t regret being a backer, but SQ24 being pushed back again, now into 2017, does amplify my doubts a bit.

When it is finally released I will most likely be like “Finally!” instead of “Yeah!”
…pretty much like with some ED products, now that I think about it… So yeah, still fine.

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The big BIG problem with “SC and me” is simply that there’s showcase after showcase of stuff and little eventually delivered.
I WANT to invest in SC - maybe it’s be more accurate after this showcase that I wanted to… but still, a lot of alarm bell are going off in my head- mostly related to other Chris Roberts products, delays, cancellations and eventual delivery differing from promises…

I so hope to be wrong.

And the more I look at streaming and info- the more ships are put to sale at ridiculous prices (750$?!)- the more I simply can’t see this finished- much less by 2017.

Again, I really hope I’m wrong.

Wait, what? Other Chris Roberts products? Which one was ever bad? Except the Wing Commander movie perhaps, but that one had problems that weren’t really his fault.

About the ships: Don’t buy them for dollars. You will be able to get them ingame. The purpose of those sales are just if you want to fund the game. Some of those ships will be quite cheap ingame. If you don’t have the money or don’t want to spend it, don’t do it, wait for the release.

If you want to take a look and don’t mind to spend only a few bucks, go ahead and get the cheapest ship.
You can then play the alpha and see that there is a lot of impressive stuff that is already there and working quite nicely.

@Aginor- I’m old. I do give credits when credits are due but I have a vivid memory of Cris Roberts claims for Strike Commander, Freelancer, Starlancer and even the two Privateer. I was there- I read his interviews on game magazines- I know his M.O.
And what I see it’s more of the same.

I can’t just give him a clean slate because of the “newly formed” company.
He’s a visionary no doubt but really pis$ poor at directing.
I respect his brother LOT more, Starlancer being a title I loved.

About the ships I refrain from ranting over it more- as for the financials.

I really- really hope they succeed.


I too was an early backer. While I enjoy what has been released so far I am getting tired of these demos and not seeing anything come of them. What really bugs me as a backer is that they spend a schwack load of resources to make these demos and then turn around and go “yea…its not quite the way we want it. We are taking it back to the drawing board and you might see it next year…sorry”

That’s pretty much my only major gripe. Long developments happen elsewhere, too, but the combination of LOTS of PR stuff and (seemingly) slow development is a bit meh.

I even stopped watching “Around the Verse” even though my old pal Loaf (Ben Lesnick) is in it. Just too much info about something that is too far away. Somewhat nice to see how they build that universe, but even that became uninteresting for me after a while, and all those shows and PR stuff does burn a lot of money that I would like to see in development instead.

@komemiute: I somewhat disagree about those games, but I do admit I may have some tinted glasses here, since some of those were my favourite games ever. Especially everything that has Wing Commander or Privateer on it. :slight_smile:

I don’t claim they are (or were) unfun.
Gods knows I wasted hours on Wing Commander, Strike Commander and even Privateer, yes.
Simply, they were not what they were promised to be. Which is not to be take lightly.

Strike Commander and Freelancer above all- which again doesn’t go against those who actually developed them, but it’s all symptoms of who was at the lead.

I don’t know and don’t want to assume anything- but back then the technology he claimed they were producing (for Strike Commander above all) was supposed to drive the rest of Origin Games.
It spectacularly failed so, and condemned to dev-hell many other products.

Some even imply that behaviour forced the sell out of Origin to EA.

TL;DR : his method doesn’t deliver.



Well, I tend to think that at least some of those weren’t really his fault.
Especially around the time when EA bought Origin.

But enough of that, your opinion of him seems to be well founded and you may be right. I still totally fanboyed out when I got the chance to talk to him about the old days when I met him in 2013, and he complained more than once about those old days when publishers wouldn’t let him work the way he wanted to. Perhaps they were right to do so, perhaps the games would have been even better if he had gotten the chance to do what he had in the design documents. We will see I guess. I also hope the game succeeds.

I just remembered another gripe I have about SC: That damn camera. I get motion sick. They should finally stop to move the camera without me wanting to do it. I get the explanation with the animatons and the first person eye point really being where the model has its eyes blablabla. I hate it. Stop. moving. my. head.

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@Aginor- I like you. Therefore I really prefer to remove myself from this topic, mostly because I perceive we reached a mutual understanding.

  • Rise glass * To the future of Space Games!
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Oh come on, you make me look bad! :slight_smile:
Rise glass to Space games, whoever may make them!

:slight_smile: You know what I mean. And you don’t look bad at all.
As a matter of fact, buy me a drink and let’s see where this takes us… :wink:


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This was the response I got from someone in the SC Community when I said I’m glad I didnt buy into the whole pre-order ships and play the game when it launches in 2014, after they announced YET ANOTHER Delay…

Sadly that’s about right. I mean Im confident that it will come out some day. I enjoy hopping in to the alpla. Like DCS I am excited for releases but in the end its just a game.

Don’t feel bad skate. People’s perception of this game borders on the delusional for some.

Personally, i backed it for the original thoughts that this game was supposed to be. Development has moved it away from that to something where it is heading now. I asked for a refund, but alas they changed how that works too.

So i am stuck with a game thats gone more arcadey than sim. But hey ho, lets see where this goes.

So tech, previous chris roberts’s dealing and star citizen aside. There is one good thing to come out of star citizen already. And that is that i will almost certainly never pre order anything again (apart from dcs f111 and if i have to f18- but thats a different kettle of fish)

I’ve always had a mind to buy it when it would be done, if ever. Besides, the website pricing is just ridiculous, and when a complete package isn’t complete…

I think this game will stay in development hell for quite some time still.

I still don’t know what to think of RSI. The price of the ships is unbelievable, even more so peoples willingness to buy them. An enormous budget is no guarantee for a great game. I can’t believe the sums some people put into a high risk venture as a game of this scope.

Sadly the Confrontation from other’s continued, and I had to do a Mic Drop Response,

Im not the only that feels this way towards S.C.

The Developers have a bad case of not setting a Features List, they keep adding stuff at random… and further delaying the game from reaching a releasable state.