Star Trek Bridge Crew Next Generation AAR

Star Trek Bridge Crew (previous AAR here) started out as a VR game that went 2D. It’s a light co-op star trek game and is great fun. After playing with @Tyco, @near_blind and @DeadMeat the other night I decided to pull the trigger on the ‘Next Generation’ DLC that’s just come out.

Ok, a new option. Time to get my Picard on!

LCARs loading screen (crys in full nerd)

Ok, very pretty.

Captain on the deck! Look at that carpet - I can feel my legwarmers and big hair from here.

Counselor, do I have big hair?

Number 1, why is the Counselor scowling at me?

Hey, an iPad MCMXXI - cool

With this gizmo I can pretty much access everything from my seat.

I’ve also got a voice activated ‘orders’ thingy. Helm - prepare for warp!

You can drill down into each station to give general orders. Hang on, is that Mr Worf behind me?

(strains neck). Nope.

So looking at Tactical, lots of boom boom things to play with.

I wish I could make a run for the turbolift. 10-forward has a Happy Hour on…

The Operations panel. Mr Data - Damage Report!

Looks complicated. I think I’ll just shout and drink tea.

Helm! Take us out! The wee circle on the bottom right acts as a joystick. The Enterprise is not nimble, and like Khan, we have trouble with the Z axis, only a fake up/down 3D space to drive in.

So in single player you can do it all, but it’s obviously a lot of fun with four humans.

Exterior cam shots as well.

Red Alert, shields up! Oh, it’s a steering marker. Mr Worf, ceasefire.

So far so good, did a couple of single player missions and it’s nice, especially for a trek fan. Looking forward to multiplayer now.


Wait, you can play this now without VR??

You shouldn’t have told me that…

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I’ll put some shots up of the original series Star Trek bridge they have as well later. It’s hilarious. They kept it authentic to the show, so it’s all boiled candy buttons and paper displays. Captain @Tyco led us to certain death, but it was great fun. Not wearing that short skirt again though.


The math is pretty basic but:


…where VR and REAL PEOPLE are pretty high numbers though. Seeing your own arms wave around, plus @near_blind and @DeadMeat fight because they sat next to each other was a nice VR thing. I think @Tyco was playing flat screen and he seemed to enjoy it?

I was playing sans vr. It was still tons of fun. I think the lose gives you better control. It’s defiently one of the best coop experiences I’ve had in a long while.

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Should not have read this on the train. Laughing too much from the captions

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Ok, a few Trek Original Series bridge shots, although they are not part of this DLC and are included in the base game.

Ah, the old girl…

Do I rip my shirt yet?

Ok, let’s see what Scotty is up to at Engineering

Good grief, no wonder he cannae doit! (apologies @Maclean). Here’s the help icons up just to show the crimes against humanity this user interface is committing:

All I get is this paper chart - despite Steve Jobs being dead for 200 years now.

Mr Sulu - have you figured out the helm?

Nuclear Wessels? What the…

Ok, I’m off to go look for that green skinned girl. Captain off the bridge!


Wait they have help icons, is that new or was I just dumb, I just pretended I was playing candy crush and mashed whatever button was in my way till i was dead :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m waiting for it to go on sale!