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I really need to watch s2. Q is my favourite character by far. Be great to see john de lancie again


I enjoyed the first season (for the most part) so I am going to watch s2 as well.

Not looking forward to Q though, I don’t like the character at all.


I very much enjoy the hammy acting and the spirit with which John plays it as opposed to the character itself.


I wonder if he knew when he got the gig that it would be a lifetime job.

But then, that’s Star Trek, for ya’.


A podcaster I listen to at “Bald Move” called Picard a “dumpster fire”. :laughing:

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I reallllllly struggled with season 1 to be fair


Season one I enjoyed well enough, a lot having to do with just how great it was to see him back again but season 2 was rough, I couldn’t make it past the second episode.

Maybe I was being too harsh? There’s just so much good stuff out there it’s hard to stick with something that looks like it’s going down the tubes


Same here, Season one was quite good, really liked the premise and at least they didn’t try to have Picard as a geriatric action hero.

Season two, got better as it progressed but overall I thought was a bit Meh! My main dislike of Q is that he is the ultimate maguffin and slight spoiler - the time travel trope has been way overdone in Trek.

But, I will watch Season Three… because Star Trek & I won’t be able to help myself.


I didn’t really like season one until the end, it felt weird to have Picard on his own without the other established characters from TNG. Season 2 was better IMO, If Picard had ended at the end of season 2 I’d have been happy enough with the story arc.

So far? I’m enjoying Season 3. I like that the first thing Picard does when he needs help is go to established characters from TNG. I like that they’re actually using established characters rather than introducing a bunch of new ones again, and that they’re developing the title character - I didn’t really feel that happened in Season 1, though Season 2 was obviously better in that respect as well.

I do seem like I’m in the minority liking Season 2 though, so take that all with a grain of salt!


For me it was some of the easter eggs that I liked about Season 1 - That 5 minute scene where you see Icheb’s fate for example, what a kick in the guts that was! That and it didn’t try to be ‘ST the Next, Next Generation’. All those characters had moved on and had lives other than what was defined by Picard.

Season 2 IMHO was lazy writing and seemed nothing more than a cash grab on the coat-tails of Season 1… and using my biggest gripe with that series (slight spoiler in my previous post) allowed them to save a shedload on sets.

I have now watched the first episode of S3. Thanks @HiFlyer and so far I will keep watching it. The jury is still out though!

We have already had ST - Next Generation and ST - Generations (movie), I really hope this doesn’t devolve into a ‘we got the band back together’ ST - Geriatrics?